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Attendance Management Solution by Workforce Management Software

Attendance Management Solution by Workforce Management Software

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Managing a team of field employees is difficult, as they are spread everywhere. This gives them a chance to slack off. This could be harmful to the operation and organization. Attendance management solution ensures that you are being able to record authentic attendance with ease. Reading the article will make you realize how important and beneficial it is to integrate an attendance management solution.

What is an Attendance Management Solution

Attendance management solution helps managers to keep track of their employees’ hours. The system documents efficiently and accurately the time they work and take off. From traditional punch cards to modern access cards and biometric systems, tracking employee working hours has been essential.

Employees are expected to keep track of their attendance but what happens is that most of them fill the timesheet in a hurry, thus making a lot of mistakes.

To avoid these mistakes, which usually occur while manually filling and managing the timesheet attendance management solution is introduced and should be integrated into the system. In addition, the solution automates the attendance recording system, which leaves no room for errors. Also, since the data is accurate, decisions regarding payroll and compensation can be made based on it.

Why Do You Need an Attendance Management Solution?

Every company must track how its employees spend their time, especially those on the road serving the clients and customers, especially for organizations hiring field agents and serving clients daily or hourly.

Managers should keep a look out for signs that indicate that the that their attendance recording system has collapsed or is no longer efficient. These signs could be

  • Lack of transparency in the attendance management process
  • It is full of errors, time taking, and confusing to use.
  • Employees can modify the details.
  • The system is failing to prevent fabricated attendance like buddy punching.
  • A lack of accuracy stops managers from making decisions based on it.
  • Instead of simplifying, the stem complicates the shift scheduling and task allocation process.

Benefits Of Using an Attendance Management Solution

Seamless Workflow Management

One of the biggest advantages of automating attendance is the ease of workflow it promotes. With the proper workflow in the team, employers have a clear-cut visibility of the attendance required, leave requests to be approved, and any overtime requests. All this is visible without having to communicate.

Time-taking tasks like assigning jobs manually, and keeping track of the shifts, can be done with a few clicks of the workflow management software. Furthermore, attendance monitoring helps managers to allocate resources appropriately.

Paperless Work

Attendance management solutions allow you to cut down on your paper consumption and paperwork. In addition, since the system is cloud-based, it helps the company cut down on ink and paper costs. This also helps to prevent scenarios where there might be cases where the attendance recorded on paper could be misplaced or damaged.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is tracking the current location of your field employees using GPS and geotagging. With the help of current technology, managers can even track the actions of their employees who have marked themselves present. It is done through a workforce management system that presents the attendance monitoring solution.

This tracking is especially useful for field employees dealing with clients always on the road.

Accurate Data

An automated attendance recording system has no room for errors, thus letting managers receive accurate data. This accurate data will help managers eliminate the cost of inevitable errors of manual systems and the time it takes. This will also help managers’ and employees’ efficiency and productivity.

And since the data is in real-time, it helps to reduce time theft. Moreover, it ensures that no employee takes unfair advantage by logging incorrect hours.

Enhance Productivity

Any company’s revenue is affected by its employees’ low productivity. What any manager seeks is maximum profit with minimum errors. With an automated attendance system, many manual activities are cut down, like manually updating the working hours.

Cost Effective

Any manual activity is cost-ineffective, and the same goes for recording attendance manually. A manual system can cause the company to delay reimbursements, compensation, and payroll. By eliminating this strategy and opting for the automation of employee attendance, it will become impossible for anyone to tamper with the collected data. This results in an honest and cost-effective workplace. Furthermore, automation will help eliminate any payroll error, which is a huge cost saver.

What Does Workforce Management has to Offer?

Now that you know the benefits of an automated attendance management solution, the best way to implement it in your system is through workforce management software. It has tools and features that seamlessly help you automate your attendance recording. In addition, it ensures that employees mark their attendance and that what they receive is authentic and accurate.

  • Remote Attendance: with the help of workforce management software, field executives can mark their attendance remotely. This help saves a lot of time that otherwise would have been consumed by visiting the office daily.
  • Geocoded Attendance: The software has a geocoded feature to ensure that accurate attendance is recorded remotely. With this feature, field agents can only mark their attendance when they reach their first task location.
  • Task and Attendance Linking: the software lets you link attendance and task. Therefore, they can only commence their tasks if the employees mark their attendance.

TrackoField is a Leading Attendance Management Solution

By going for an attendance management solution through workforce management software, managers can ensure that their employees work in a productive, time and cost-efficient manner. And we have never met an employee who would never desire such employees. Therefore in recent times opting for automation is no longer a choice but a necessity.

TrackoField is a leading workforce management software. It comes with solutions that seamlessly help you manage your employees and propel their productivity.

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