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Home » What are the Top 5 Essays Writing Problems That Student Faces?
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What are the Top 5 Essays Writing Problems That Student Faces?

by admin

Even though every student’s life and life after school depends on their ability to write, the majority of them are unable to fully develop that ability after graduation. More than 2.5 million students are enrolled in more than 164 higher education institutions in the UK. Every student must go through the academic period of their education, during which it gave them countless essays and coursework assignments. According to research, 6 in 10 pupils have typical issues that contribute to their poor essay scores.

Writing an essay is not an easy task for every student, especially when they are assigned to write an essay on healthcare research paper topics. To write a perfect essay, you need to practice a lot and work hard.  Personal LoansBusiness Loans, Car LoansMortgage LoansCredit Cards, and more.

There are times when writers experience writer’s block. Students who need to finish academic writing projects can also have writer’s block. However, this is just one of many problems that they could encounter when writing an essay. While attempting to finish their writing assignments, many students often deal with other difficulties. Understanding the typical essay writing mistakes might help you fix the problem as you finish your essay.

Let’s face it; writing academic papers is not as simple as taking a morning stroll across the city. Here are the top 5 issues that students run into the most when completing their projects. Check them out and figure out how to solve those issues to advance your writing abilities.


The 5 most common problems students face when writing essays

Use of Poor Language

The essay writing ought to be excellent and enjoyable to read. Instead of being meaningless, it must appear to be a professional essay. Inaccurate writing could be a time waste. Clarity is crucial while writing an essay since it helps the writer be particular rather than trying to do too much at once. The essay will be more effective if it is comprehensively clear, and utilizing the right words will make it easier and more fun to read. However, a well-written, professional essay will help you earn a good mark. Since it is difficult to maintain quality or come up with original ideas on short notice, services can help to deliver within the allotted time.

The key to making an essay readable is structure. You ought to be familiar with the format for essays. For your intended audience, each line needs to be relevant and meaningful.

A scarcity of proof

If you are struggling to create an essay, make sure you include adequate examples to back up your claims. Another common error that students make is failing to support their arguments with sufficient evidence. If your essay is about childhood obesity, for instance, you should show where the issue is most prevalent. You should also be aware of the kinds of precautions that must be made in this regard.

The solution to this issue is simple for kids to grasp. Simply put, students need to study their notes for a little longer. To learn more about the subject, they can conduct additional research. If a student is having trouble grasping a concept, they might ask their teacher to go over it with them again.


Lack of assurance

One of the most frequent issues students have with essay writing is a lack of confidence in one’s abilities and skills. Students who doubt their writing abilities will struggle to begin their papers. They question their ability to finish it as well. And because of this self-doubt, they might never even attempt to begin their paper. Because of this, these students either fail to turn in an assignment or simply turn in one that is poorly written, fully anticipating that they will receive a subpar or failing grade.

There are several approaches for kids to develop their writing abilities. They have the choice of traditional lessons offered by nearby schools or tutoring facilities, as well as online courses.

Additionally, even if they make mistakes, kids should practice writing every day. They will continue to improve as writers as long as these errors are fixed. Last but not least, kids who are unsure of how to begin an essay can always approach their professors, peers, and other people who are more aware and skilled in writing for help.


Absence of relevant references

Without a reference, your teacher can question the veracity and applicability of the information in your essay, which could make it difficult to write the next assignment. Ideally, you should include enough references and, as appropriate, quote specific passages from your essay. However, citing sources and making citations is useless if you are writing a paper creatively, that is, utilizing your own words and thoughts.


Use of the Passive voice

The majority of students report that they overuse the passive voice in their writing. When a sentence is written in the passive voice, the subject is receiving the action rather than executing it or starting it.

The best method to overcome this issue with essay writing is to practice and learn how to use many voices in a sentence. You’ll soon be succeeding in essays if you write sentences using both passive and active voices, asks a buddy to review them, and keep practicing.



The art of academic writing is challenging. Therefore, it is understandable why a sizable number of academics fear it. A crucial part of an academic’s life, academic writing enables them to communicate their expertise professionally. Therefore, one should have a persistent approach to handling any issues with academic writing that may arise.  Students may also seek assistance from essay writing USA-based companies if they face any difficulties in writing an essay.



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