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https://www.lezhinx.net is a Google News site that contains stories, investigations, and world news stories from the US. While our publishers work tirelessly to post the newest posts, what we can do is not watch what happens – that’s why we’d just want to support you!

We at Lezhinx welcome all types of authors who wish to contribute frequently or to their guest post (lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, travel, tech, education, news, health blog). Your blog will attract over five million readers a year by being our blogger. We look for accomplished authors who can write an original, insightful blog.

Indeed, you.It’s likewise fulfilling. A great many your companions (and likely bosses, customers, or distributers) will peruse your work, and you’ll likewise get familiar with a ton all the while—about imparting your thoughts, about composition, and surprisingly about the point you thought you definitely knew so well when you began.

What we’re searching for 

You might present an unfinished copy, an incomplete draft, or a short pitch (a passage or two summing up your contention and why it is important to our perusers) combined with a framework.Remember that we just acknowledge unique substance—we don’t distribute whatever’s been distributed somewhere else (remembering for your blog). They cause us to feel miserable inside.

Has a theory and offers an unmistakable contention—not simply a rundown of tips and deceives.

Has a voice. Be intense, intriguing, and human.

Is composed for a crowd of people of creators, engineers, content specialists, data modelers, or comparable.

Is upheld with persuading contentions, not simply assessments. Truth check, and refer to sources where suitable.

What we distribute 

Articles might be easygoing in tone and content—incredible for less-serious instructional exercises and posts—or thoroughly organized and altered. All ought to be very much thought about investigations of current and state of the art themes in the web business. Email us your accommodation. You may likewise send us a plaintext record, a Markdown document, or a connection to a HTML report. (Kindly don’t send a ZIP record of resources except if mentioned by a supervisor.)

A supervisor will audit your accommodation and decide if it’s a possible fit. Provided that this is true, the entire group will survey and examine it. This happens one time each week.

The editorial manager will gather the group’s input and hit you up with notes. (We infrequently acknowledge an article the first run-through around, yet we’ll advise you in case we’re intrigued.)

Whenever you’ve tended to our remarks, send your modified draft back.

On the off chance that we acknowledge your article, an editorial manager will work intimately with you on things like association, argumentation, and style.

We’ll plan you for distribution when updates are finished. We can’t give you a particular distribution date until the article is practically all set live.

  • High-quality guest posts, facts, and no duplicate or spammy content must be given.
  • To make the article more concise, you must add subheadings, bullet points and paragraphs.
  • In the post, no grammatical mistake. Do Grammar Search before submission of the post.
  • The length of the guest post should be at least 1000 words or more. The favourite length of content is 1500+ pages.
  • Content written to Yoast is first released and all guest post content is obtained in compliance with Yoast guidelines.
  • Please follow all Yoast Instructions and the article will be published on Article Event as soon as possible.
  • Get Do-Follow backlinks in the guest post

You can send your article on [email protected]

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