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Gamers are really great and essentially incredibly unique people out there! They are extremely smart, creative, and rare as a species. No, but on a serious note, they are great people who are great at what they do and are extremely smart and assertive. So, for them to be avid gamers and to enjoy playing, they’ve got to be great at communication skills and highly sharp in their minds. So, these Gamers are sometimes more on a casual note or sometimes at a very extreme mode too. And the extremists that are gamers need a lot of equipment, computer models, remarkable technologies like a VR headset or sometimes a racing car wheel, and other equipment to help them out. And we are here for that. 





We’ve curated a list of accessories that a Gamer might enjoy very well, or even if you are a newbie to this, you should certainly be checking out more now. So, here’s to that! 


Here are the seven essential accessories for gamers to enjoy: 


Herman Miller x Logitech G Vantum gaming chair

 This is expensive but so worth it! It’s $795 in value, actually. As a Gamer, if you are a YouTuber, then it’s great for streaming as well! You can also compete and game and do all sorts of PC tasks on it! It’s very adjustable and provides support for your whole body, from the legs, back, and shoulders to the neck! It also has an adjustable headrest and thoracic support pad with it too! You can always check it out better in 3 different colors of your choice too! So do check it out too!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Fabulous Headphones

 We all need great headphones as an accessory because it’s an absolute must for any avid PC user or gamer, always anyways too! There are fabulous headphones from leading brands like Bose and Apple, or you can always check out Razor or other companies too! They’re all great to use and enhance the experience of your Game like Escapology Garwood as well. You can always check out cheaper stuff if you’d like or the expensive one if you can even afford it!  


Keychain Q10 QMK custom mechanical keyboard

This is a very weird but great take on a keyboard as it’s not your average basic shape keyboard as well too. It’s more of an abstract rounded shape of a typical keyboard. It has an Alice layout and 75% keyboard size, and it also has extra macro keys for you to be able to program them to your use too! It has a powerful ultra-low-power ARM architecture MCU with 128K Flash and a 1,000 Hz polling rate. 


ROCCAT Kone Air gaming-grade mouse

 This is the most awesome Mouse that we could find. It’s a peripheral view mouse that is wirelessly connected to your system whenever you want. It has 2.5GHz Bluetooth available and an incredible 800 hours of battery life with AA batteries that you will have to add. It has an ergonomic shape with double-injected rubber side grips attached to it. Do check this tremendous wireless gaming mouse out! 


8BitDo Dual Charging Dock for Xbox wireless controllers

This is the cheapest yet! It was only $19.99 only. It has various new safety features, such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-temperature protection. This is a 15-watt charger that is wireless for charging up your Android and iPhone phones in just a little time. This is more like a fast-paced charger to charge you up.  


Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel:

This is expensive at about $999, but if you buy it, it’s a great way to spend your money. The Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel is like a literal car driving wheel; instead, it’s used like a video controller to play with it. You can have so many faces with it actually with its so many different features. This is compatible with gaming stations, the PlayStation, and even the Xbox. It’s used mainly for racing games and provides an exact and very touchy game experience for you to have actually. It has extensively tested PRO “thumb sweep” button layout, magnetic gear-shift paddles, dual-clutch paddles, and easy mounting. Worth checking out for yourself, actually.  


Razer Wolverine V2 Pro wireless gaming controller

 This is a new product from Razor; it’s a quality-designed wireless gaming controller that can be matched to play any game. It’s cool looking in its design, with really great features attached to it as well. It’s also quite precise with its input, so its best suited for competitive gaming for showing off your skills in real-time. Don’t forget to check these out by yourself! 


The gaming accessories now are high tech and will definitely make you have a blast. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!  







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