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Home » The Best Time to Post On Instagram Explained 2023

The Best Time to Post On Instagram Explained 2023

by admin

The optimal time to post on Instagram has generated much discussion on social media. Social media scheduling and management tools determine the best time to publish them for maximum interaction. It is the industry’s leading social media scheduling and management tool for artists and small businesses since businesses buy Instagram followers UK to increase content.

What is the best time to post to Instagram in 2023?

A study analyzed over 11 million worldwide picture, video, carousel, and Instagram Reels posts from 2023 to determine the optimal time to post on Instagram (calculated in local time across time zones). The early morning hours of Monday through Sunday are when visitors engage more with the information provided. Accounts that publish early in the day benefit from the reduced competition and capture traffic from users during their first scroll of the day – even if it’s just a few hours later.

What is the right time to post on Instagram to get the most likes and comments?

According to data, almost all Instagram posts get likes and comments in the morning. You can leverage early time slots without sacrificing your REM cycle by scheduling Instagram content (more on this below).

When is the best time to post Instagram reels?

Scheduling Instagram Reels in 2023 will ensure interactions. In fact, after using Reels on our Instagram account, we have seen a 500% increase in engagement.

Analysis of more than 200K reels revealed the following:

  • The optimal time to post Reels on Instagram is 4 am (calculated in local time across time zones).
  • Instagram Reels are best published on Mondays

Publishing earlier will likely result in less competition and help you reach Reels viewers.

Optimal day for Instagram posting

Monday is the best day to post on Instagram, with the average engagement for posts submitted that day at 5 am. More evidence suggests that early-to-wake, early-to-publish engagement yields the most interactive results. It is more likely that your audience will see your content if you are among the first to publish it each week.

Avail time early in the day.

Here are the optimal posting times for each day of the week:


Monday at 5 am may be a suitable time to post on Instagram. This might be because it is the start of the work week, and people are eager to engage with information.


If everyone is out and about on Monday mornings, do they tend to sleep in on Tuesday mornings?


The best-suited time to post on Instagram is Wednesday between 2:00 am and 6:00 am.


On Thursday, 3 am is the best fit time to post on Instagram, followed by 5 am.


Instagram engagement peaks between 5 and 8 am on Fridays, at 7 am. While 7 am is the optimal time to post, we’ve also observed engagement between 5 and 8 am.


Instagram users are most likely to be offline on Saturday at 1 am due to the start of the weekend. Saturday is the least active day during the week on Instagram.


Posting on Instagram at 1 am on Sunday is ideal. In contrast to Saturday, Sunday has a high level of user interaction. Engagement increases between 1 am and 7 am, declines during the day and returns at 11 pm.

What is Your Ideal Instagram Posting Time?

In addition to publishing when your audience is most engaged, Instagram’s algorithm also emphasizes many other factors. In other words, the algorithm tracks every user interaction with the app to provide them with more engaging material. What are the takeaways? The best way to optimize is to produce exciting and intriguing material and publish it at the best time.

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Post on Instagram at the right time every time

It is no longer sufficient to publish content whenever you feel like it on Instagram in 2023, but it is a great marketing tool for companies and content providers. Buy views Instagram UK by scheduling posts ahead of time and using your optimal Instagram posting time; you can increase interaction, get new followers, and even generate traffic. However, don’t forget to add more trending hashtags to your post on Instagram which can help your brand attract customers when customers search on social media.

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