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why is plywood used for furniture

Plywood furniture

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Wait a second. You are purchasing plywood furniture of heirloom quality. Although it will last and look great, it will cost you more. You may have heard that some plywood was possibly employed in the construction of plywood furniture. Can this be true? Is this a fact? What’s going on?

Yes, plywood is utilized in even the finest plywood furniture, to answer your question. A very excellent reason exists, though. To put it simply, solid wood moves. Your solid wood furniture runs the risk of cracking if the plywood isn’t there to handle the movement of the wood.

Why Is Plywood Used?

¬†Thin wood veneers are pressed together to form plywood. The boards’ grains were aligned at perfect angles to one another due to the way the wood was stacked. This increases the wood’s durability. High-grade plywood furniture should not be confused with particle board, which should not be used because it lacks substance and strength.

Similar wood species are frequently used to make plywood furniture it is attached to. In certain cases, a veneer (a thin slice of solid lumber less than 3mm, or about 1/8 inch thick, in the same wood species) is bonded to the outside of the plywood to completely match the remainder of the piece.

What Plywood Is Used For

  • Plywood is lightweight and helps a piece of furniture be less substantial.
  • Because the layers of plywood are so thin, they don’t absorb or release moisture; thus they don’t expand and contract as solid lumber does.
  • Due to its rigidity, plywood provides stability for the object it is used in.
  • High-quality plywood maintains the structural integrity of furniture while looking good and protecting its functionality.

Where to Find Plywood in plywood Furniture

  • Hutch backs
  • The bottoms of drawers
  • Bed rails
  • Bookcases
  • Cabinet panels and doors
  • Desks with backs that face a wall
  • Gun cabinets’ backs
  • Credenza backs

Plywood is the ideal material for case goods and frames that are prone to cupping and warping. It is utilized in situations where it is the best option to build a solid building. Drawer bottoms with plywood furniture panels keep the sturdy wood frames from breaking.

Is plywood good for making furniture?

For beds, chairs, settees, couches, workstations, and dining tables, plywood, and solid wood function equally well. In terms of strength, real wood is superior to plywood, and it is also more attractive.

What advantages does using plywood offer?

The advantages of plywood include:


  • Heightened stability
  • Plywood furniture provides all the natural benefits of the parent wood together with improved qualities due to its laminated structure.
  • High impact resistance;
  • Surface dimensional stability. …
  • Panel shear;
  • high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Chemical hardiness.

What particular use for plywood is best?

Resistance to weather changes: The use of plywood ensures resistance to water damage, warping, and cracking in areas of high moisture, extreme heat, or extreme cold. As a result, plywood is a great material for engineering projects and, consequently, for the production of furniture.

How long-lasting is plywood furniture?

Lightweight: Plywood is both relatively light and strong due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Compared to solid wood or other materials like steel, this makes it simpler to move. Easy to Work: When making cabinets or furniture, cutting plywood to the required size is simple.

What makes plywood superior to wood?


Plywood furniture is durable:


Modern plywood can bear a lot of in-service stress (from all angles) for a longer period of time since it has this consistent strength. As a result, it is a more robust substitute for both solid wood and other engineered wood goods.

Which benefit does plywood have over solid wood?


No Warping, Shrinking, or Swelling Because of its grains, solid wood shrinks, swells, and warps. Because the plywood core is positioned at a 90-degree angle to provide strength against them, you can avoid it with plywood.

What are the three most common uses for plywood?

Usually, the walls, roof lining, and walls are all constructed out of plywood. More design-related uses for plywood are found herein. Interior plywood is frequently used in furniture, cladding, and ceilings.

Why do people use plywood instead of plain wood?

Because it is so affordable, plywood is a common option for commercial-grade wood. Plywood is a better option for kitchens and bathrooms since it typically costs less and offers better durability than solid wood.


Artiko furniture uses high-grade plywood, which is not intended to harm or obstruct it in any manner. Ply is used as a protective layer to keep plywood furniture functional and beautiful for many generations.

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