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Progressive Web Apps

Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2023

by admin

Web apps are more common and valuable than ever, with digital transformation becoming the new norm. The demand for web application development services has increased dramatically along with the use of online apps. Designing and creating a creative web application is more challenging than it appears. To develop a successful web app, you need originality, creativity, effectiveness, robustness, user-friendliness, and other qualities. Therefore, putting new web app concepts into practice can significantly improve the implementation of a web app. To provide something remarkable for your firm to enhance its brand image and increase business, whether you run a startup, medium-sized to large organization, or enterprise, you must come up with original web application ideas.

Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2023


Gmail is the most well-known email service developed by Google. There are several services offered, including support for Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. The success of this software can be attributed to its simple UI and user-friendly features. It is also free to use and includes numerous Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integrations. Gmail continues to be the oldest email service in the market despite all of its infrastructures. Gmail is used by people all across the world, and demand is only growing.

Google Analytics

One of Google’s most well-known web analytics services is this one. This company’s web app monitors and analyses website traffic and can spot underperforming pages. You can use it to learn more about your website users’ origins, the devices they use, typical patterns of behavior, and more. You may evaluate the user journey of your website visually with the help of the tool’s advanced features, which include unique visitor segmentation and funnel visualization. For the casual user, Google Analytics displays high-level, dashboard-style statistics, while the report set displays more detailed data.

Ali Express

This is one of the most well-known e-commerce sites. The owner of the business is Alibaba Group. On April 26, 2010, this Chinese-based online retail service provider group made its debut. It has its origins in China. When it debuted, this e-commerce site had a few problems, but it later switched to a progressive web application. The progressive web app was extremely important to the Alibaba Group in order to engage customers more successfully. On this group, switching to a progressive web app has also had a significant impact. Many users now think it’s safe and lawful to make any purchases from this website.


Receiving email at a temporary address that self-destructs after a specific time is possible using disposable email, a free email service. With quick mail, you can receive emails from fictitious addresses at your legitimate email account for a predetermined period. Keep your true email address private, and keep junk and annoying emails out of your inbox.


A free stock image and online video app are Pexels. It makes it easier for designers, bloggers, and anybody looking for ideas to find top-notch pictures and movies they can download and use for nothing. Pexels’ web app design accurately portrays the company’s vision and offerings. The web app is jam-packed with imaginative and captivating images and videos without overly complicating or making it difficult to use. Simple, responsive, and providing a complete customer experience, the navigation is excellent. Its best features are its clever use of white space and the distinct categorization of categories in web app design. As a result, Pexels is among the top web applications in its market.

Super Sync Sports

Super Sync Sports is a Chrome experiment that showcases Chrome’s desktop and mobile WebSocket technology capabilities. The game runs in your desktop browser, and you control it using your smartphone. Single or multiplayer modes are supported. The touchscreen mobile phone controls in Super Sync Sports are incredibly cutting-edge and demonstrate how real-time web technology can be leveraged to create a gratifying experience. I sincerely hope to see more of this kind of technology utilization in the future.


Flipkart is the name of India’s largest online retailer. They most recently switched to Flipkart Lite, a Progressive Web App, for their mobile website. Flipkart Lite offers users of mobile devices rapid and effective service. The best aspects of Flipkart’s native app are combined with the web. Flipkart switched to an app-only strategy in January 2015 and briefly shut down its mobile website. It was difficult for them to offer an engaging web experience because more than half of their customers were using shaky or 2G networks to access the internet. They made the decision to purchase a Progressive Web App after becoming impressed by its cutting-edge web development capabilities and technology.


A worldwide cosmetics company with a French heritage, Lancôme. Lancôme observed lower conversion rates on its mobile site compared to desktop, despite an increase in mobile users. They concentrated on developing a quicker and better mobile web experience because mobile commerce is expanding. To lower bounce rates for mobile customers, the company invested in a Progressive Web App, which paid off handsomely. Through push alerts and other features, Lancôme’s Progressive Web App also enhanced conversions, mobile sessions, and engagement.


PWA now powers your preferred music player. The 30% app store fee that Apple charge is a point of contention between Spotify and Apple; therefore, Spotify saw this as an excellent time to start working on a PWA version of their app, much like many other major companies have. The PWA version is far faster than the equivalent native app and has a customized, adaptive user interface (UI) that changes as the user navigates the app. Users are also prompted to add Spotify PWA to their home screen, similar to many other PWAs, making Spotify PWA more usable and comparable to its older versions.

There is a huge list of web applications. If you have any idea related to web apps, you can take help from web apps development services to get your app.

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