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How To Post An Assignment On Google Classroom Step By Step

How To Post An Assignment On Google Classroom Step By Step

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Google Classroom has developed into a useful tool for exchanging homework issues and assignments. Teachers can create and submit tasks there, and students can either work on them exclusively in Google Classroom or attach the completed assignment as a file. It is a straightforward digital filing tool created by Google. How to upload an assignment on Google Classroom is a question that is commonly posed by teachers and students who encounter difficulties when asked to do so.

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Teachers may organize lessons, respond to student writing, monitor file access, and more using Google Classroom, a straightforward digital filing system offered by Google. The steps for creating assignments in Google Classroom for PC, Android, and iOS are listed below.

Step by step guide how to post an assignment on Google classroom

You must first create an assignment before posting it on Google Classroom, but once you do, it will be up right away. You have three options for uploading assignments: you can post an assignment right once, schedule it for later publication, or just save it in draughts.

Step#1 Select a device

The first thing to understand about posting assignments on Google Classroom is that you can do so using both a mobile device and Google Chrome. If you are publishing using Google Chrome, all you have to do is launch the application. Additionally, you can download the programme and then open it if you are posting from a mobile device.

Step#2 Construct a task

  • Sign-in.
  • Choose the class.
  • Hover your cursor over Add at the bottom, then click Create assignment. Assignment, make.
  • Type the title and any directives here.
  • Change a deadline or timing for an assignment
  • The task is often due the next day. To alter it:

Step#3 Select the due date

  • Click the Down arrow.
  • Choose a date by clicking the date.
  • (Optional) Click Time and enter a time to establish a due date.
  • Click Due date and then click remove next to the due date to create a task without a deadline.

Step#4 add content

The next stage in posting assignments in Google Classrooms is to include materials for students’ reference or to clarify the assignment’s problem. When adding content, you must attach a file by clicking on it, after which you can choose which file to add. The file can be selected from Google Drive.

Step #5 teachers make amendments

There are various possibilities for teachers to engage with the kids. 

To post assignments in Google Classroom, the teacher must tap or click on the down arrow and then select one of the three options that appear. There are three options: the teacher can only enable students to view the file; students can only read the file, or students can only read the file without making any modifications. Allowing pupils to alter the file is the second option. The file can then be modified by students. Thirdly, teachers can create unique copies for each student and then edit those copies as needed.

Step#6 Click YouTube to add a YouTube video

  • Add a YouTube video and select a method
  • Click Video search to search for a video to attach.
  • Use the search bar to enter keywords.
  • Click Add after selecting the video.
  • Click the URL to add a video link.
  • After entering the URL, click Add.
  • Click Link, type the URL, and click Add to attach a link.
  • Click Remove next to an attachment to remove it.

Step#7 Post an assignment with one or multiple class

You have already made an assignment, therefore you may now post it. Assignments can be posted for both a single class and numerous classes.

Posting assignments in a single class is the following stage in the process of posting assignments in Google Classrooms. As a result, a screen with an assigned choice will appear. Therefore, you must select Assign. The task will be published. You have three choices.

You can post it right away by selecting Assign. Or, by clicking the schedule, you can schedule it for a later time. The time and date can then be selected. You might also simply store it as a draft instead of publishing it. To accomplish this, select Save Draft.

Step#8 Change a deadline or timing for an assignment

You can adjust the assignment’s default due date to the following day.

  • To change the due date, press Due date, then tap a different day.
  • (Optional) Choose a time by tapping Time, then hit done.
  • Including supplies in a task.

For your project, you can include Drive files, links, graphics, or photos.

Step#9 Add by tapping Attach

The ability to upload assignments for many classes is the final stage in learning how to post assignments on Google Classroom. The method of uploading assignments for one class is fairly similar to this. The only thing that makes submitting for numerous classes different is that you must post it right away or save it as a draft because scheduling it for later dates won’t be an option.

  • Tap Drive, then tap the item to link it to Drive.
  • The following options are available when you tap Preview next to an attachment to control how students engage with it:
  • Students can edit files and make modifications.
  • Students have access to the file, but they cannot edit it.
  • Make a copy for each student so that they each have their customizable copy of the file.
  • Delete—Delete the attached file.
  • Tap Link, type the URL, and tap Add to add a link.
  • Tap Pick photo and select your photo to attach. Or select Use camera to capture a picture.

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Teachers can publish tasks for students in a single class or across several classrooms on the digital filing platform known as Google Classroom. In Google Classroom, submitting assignments has a variety of functions. How to upload assignments on Google Classroom is a common question for both professors and students. If you’re having trouble posting assignments to Google Classroom, just follow these simple instructions.

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